The Total Bill


Like many others, money was my main concern when contemplating my around-the-world journey.  Making the trip a priority helped me focus on creating a new budget to save as well as adjusting my life to squeeze out extra money.  I regularly struggled with my “saving” will power and having the support of other travelers, friends and family to keep me moving forward definitely helped.  Now that my journey has concluded, I look back on my travel finances (both before and during the trip) and I am surprised. … [Read more...]

Gearology – Online Streaming Content


One of the ways I kept entertained and connected to home while traveling was to watch movies and my favorite TV shows.  Being that I was on the road, I got to know the ins-and-outs on how to access online streaming content.  Not only did I have to figure out which websites offered the best variety, but how to get around the dreaded ‘blocked content’ error that can happen when watching videos outside of your home country.  I recently wrote a guest post for Meet, Plan, Go about some of these options, but I’d like to discuss some specific services and costs. … [Read more...]

(Soon To Be) On The Road – Getting Stamped


Adam & Hannah of Getting Stamped have been traveling to various places since they met in 2006.  Before making their decision to travel around-the-world, they’ve flashpacked & backpacked around the US, Central America the Caribbean and a few destinations in Southeast Asia.  Both Adam & Hannah prefer beach locations, but also feel at home in big cities.  Traveling gives them a way to try new foods, get lost in a new city, people watch, catch different sunsets and learn about new cultures. … [Read more...]