After two and a half years, 31,728 miles, 125 blog posts, and 57 new friends, Traveljunkie’s World Tour has helped me mark an epic bucket list item complete.  It has been such an amazing ride, but it is time to move on. … [Read more...]

Taking A Deeper Look


My around-the-world journey was filled with so many experiences and random memories and personal growth – I’m still wrapping my mind around it all.  As I mentioned in a previous post, taking the trip was one of the best decisions I ever made and I continue to gain insight just by recalling the details of my long-term adventure.  Did my journey turn out exactly as I planned? Absolutely not, but I knew it would change. … [Read more...]

“So, How Was Your Trip?”


It’s the question I dread the most.  I’m never quite prepared to answer and feel that the person who asked, is looking for a quick summary.  How does one put an entire year filled with amazing experiences and life transforming growth in a nutshell?  Analogically speaking, asking me to sum up my journey is like asking a new parent to sum up the first year of their child’s life.  Trying to come up with the 'Cliff Note' version for everything is not easy.  "So, How Was Your Trip?" is a loaded question. … [Read more...]