(Back From Being) On The Road – Normand Boulanger


Normand Boulanger followed his dream to backpack through six countries in South America.  This was his first trip abroad and he traveled solo (for the most part) from July 16, 2012 to March 1, 2013.  Along the way, Normand shared his thoughts, photos and videos on his blog, Tour Backpacker.  He is back home in Canada, but has now caught the ‘travel bug’ and is inspired to explore the world again, and soon.  Normand granted me an interview and shared some key thoughts about his trip. … [Read more...]

Living Out Of A Suitcase – Spencer Spellman


Flying for the first time when he was five (and by himself for the first time at age seven), Spencer just can't kick his travel habit, nor his southern drawl, no matter how much he travels.  After putting in his time in the South for 27 years, he packed his bags for the open road, quitting the rat race to become a digital nomad to travel around North America for a year.  While he now calls the US West Coast home, it's more of a place to keep his stuff, have a cold one, and lay his head down between trips, because it's the open road that feels the most like home, making him come alive like … [Read more...]

(Soon To Be) On The Road – Getting Stamped


Adam & Hannah of Getting Stamped have been traveling to various places since they met in 2006.  Before making their decision to travel around-the-world, they’ve flashpacked & backpacked around the US, Central America the Caribbean and a few destinations in Southeast Asia.  Both Adam & Hannah prefer beach locations, but also feel at home in big cities.  Traveling gives them a way to try new foods, get lost in a new city, people watch, catch different sunsets and learn about new cultures. … [Read more...]