Gearology – A Follow-Up

It took me months of research and planning to decide what to pack in my suitcase for an around-the-world trip. However, every time I repack my suitcase to move to a new destination, I reassess the gear I brought with me.  It usually comes down to available space in my bag or extra weight to carry when I ask myself the inevitable “Do I really need this?”

A few months ago, I highlighted some items I was about to travel with in a guest post for Meet Plan Go. Now that I’ve been on the road using these items, it’s easier to judge the practical use of them for my trip.   Click HERE to read my follow-up.

Preparing a packing list can be quite different from the reality of carrying and using an item on the road.  Additionally, a travel-related service may prove more useful for a quick weekend jaunt vs a long-term trip. I’ve come to understand that choosing gear and/or services for your travels is not necessarily a ‘set it and forget it’ task.