GoodbyeAfter two and a half years, 31,728 miles, 125 blog posts, and 57 new friends, Traveljunkie’s World Tour has helped me mark an epic bucket list item complete.  It has been such an amazing ride, but it is time to move on.

The next chapter in my life brings new jobs, a new business, a new home, and a new city to explore.  Trying to keep up a blog on top of everything else spreads me too thin for comfort.  I’m ready to slow down.  I crave more simplicity, routine, and anonymity.

I am incredibly grateful for everything I’ve learned since starting this around-the-world endeavor as well as all of the friends & family who supported me.  Learning how to build and maintain a website, blog, and social media profiles has helped launch me into a new career.  Traveling gave me the opportunity to broaden my perspectives and connected me to a new nomadic peer group.

I have a lot of respect for the long-term travelers out there.  Moving around frequently is not easy – It takes dedication, flexibility, a strong sense of self to be on the road.  For those of you who would like to continue following a travel blog, I enthusiastically recommend Ottsworld (a perpetual traveler), Getting Stamped (just starting their adventure), and Too Many Adapters (for details on tech gear).

Since this is the last blog post, no further emails will be sent.  Within a week or so, the subscription option to Traveljunkie’s World Tour will be turned off.  The Facebook Page and Twitter profile will change a tad and content will gradually lessen.  Soon, I’ll be looking at options for what to do with the domain name and website – possibly sell them.

I’ll always remain inspired by travel as it is a part of me at my core.  Taking an around-the-world journey has brought more to my life than I expected and I’ve grown for the better.  Thank you for letting me share my adventure and life with you.