Gearology – Meet, Plan, Go!

I needed help. Going the ‘Google Search’ route to start planning my around-the-world journey left me swimming in information. I couldn’t pull fact from opinion, I couldn’t keep my thoughts organized, and I couldn’t identify with any travelers. Two weeks after setting a goal to travel around-the-world, I was introduced to the services & support of Meet, Plan, Go and that is when my dream started to become reality.

Just sitting at the 2010 inaugural travel event, surrounded by all things travel, had my inner gypsy jumping for joy.  Meet, Plan, Go’s mission was to raise awareness about career breaks and extended travel.  Mission accomplished.  Not only did I receive ample resources, a travel book to read, contact information from other ‘traveljunkies’ (those going on, coming back from, or offering services for world travel), but I even won a prize!  The rush from that first event had me return to Meet, Plan, Go for more information, attendance at the 2011 travel event, and now participation in the up-coming 2012 travel event.


Amazing Travelers Involved with Meet, Plan Go!

With travel inspiration practically oozing out of my pores (and a little bit of desperation), I signed up for Meet, Plan, Go’s Career Break Basic Training program.  This program gave me step-by-step guidance on how to plan my around-the-world journey and linked me to quality resources and individuals.  Through the Meet, Plan, Go community, I found the confidence to continue pursuing my travel goals and finally found people that could relate to my “crazy” wanderlust dreams.  The travel veterans involved with Meet, Plan, Go truly opened my eyes to the world of independent travel.  A travel planning ‘road-map’, increased confidence, and a new peer group . . . who knew one travel event could ultimately deliver so much?


I’m nearing the end of my around-the-world journey, but still remember where I started.  At ‘square one’, I felt confused, scared and alone with my insatiable desire to travel.  Now, I know the ins-and-outs of preparing for long-term travel, feel comfortable with on-the-go travel planning, understand the ups-and-downs of solo travel, and am overflowing with experiences of being on-the-road.  I’ll be sharing what I know at Meet, Plan, Go’s 2012 travel event – and joining other travelers I admire –  to help those yearning for adventure.


Turn your travel dreams into reality!  Take the first step by attending Meet, Plan, Go’s travel event on October 16th being held in 10 cities nationwide.